Backlinks are incredibly important in search engine optimization. Due to the number of referring domains, Google understands your reliability and authority in your chosen niche. In this article, we will explain the importance of links in SEO and try to explain the art of link building. As we have already explained in other articles, it is important to generate income so that you understand how search engines and positioning work. Continue reading What Is Link Building? Increase Your Income and improve your monetization strategy.

Links in SEO

For better ranking on Google, your content needs to have incoming links (also known as backlinks). You may have some internal links from your own website, but they only indicate the importance of the content within the context of your site. That is, they do not help Google to see their importance in the general global context.

Inbound links from relevant and authoritative sites indicate to Google that your content is popular, authoritative and trustworthy. These are all very strong signals to “motivate” Google to recommend your content to their users for relevant search queries.

An important concept here is that of “relevant and authoritative sites”. When looking to get inbound links, especially for a new website, webmasters tend to focus on quantity. However, quality in how you acquire links from high authority websites that are relevant to your content should be the priority.

In 2012, Google released a very strong algorithm update called Penguin that aimed to eliminate “misleading links” (meaning preventing sites with spammy link profiles from ranking high).

In 2017, they announced that the process of identifying and then ignoring these spammy links now runs in real-time, meaning that any links to pages on a site that are deemed low quality will be ignored and won’t help you rank.

How to build links

In a perfect world, your amazing content will earn links in its own right with no effort on your part. People (website owners, journalists, bloggers, fans, etc.) will link to your content because, after finding and consuming it, they will find it a valuable resource for their audience.

However, the world is imperfect and this seemingly simple process does not naturally occur very often. The link building is to help in this process. Link building is all about identifying people with the ability to link to your content (I repeat: website owners, journalists, bloggers, etc.), pointing them to your content, and encouraging them to do so from a relevant page on their site.

It sounds simple and it is, but it is also time-consuming. Contacting people, building relationships with them, and convincing them that linking to your content is beneficial to them and their audience takes time.

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